27 May 2020

Important Information on Hydroxychloroquine use in patients infected with COVID-19
Patient safety is the priority

To date there is insufficient clinical evidence to draw any conclusions over the clinical efficacy or safety of hydroxychloroquine in the management of COVID-19 patients.

Today, in Singapore, Sanofi’s hydroxychloroquine medicine is registered in its current indications which include some dermatological and rheumatological diseases. Any use of this medicine in the management of COVID-19 is an off-label use.

Ensure supply continuity

One of our top priorities is to ensure supply continuity for use of hydroxychloroquine in the current indications.

For medical information or questions:

Please contact the Sanofi Singapore at Med.SAMS@sanofi.com.


The most serious side effects of hydroxychloroquine are eye disorders following long term use, including retinopathy, with changes in pigmentation and visual field defects and severe hypoglycemia including loss of consciousness (in patients treated with and without antidiabetic medications). Cardiotoxic effects are rare but serious complications of hydroxychloroquine, which include acute cardiac conduction disorders (QT prolongation, ventricular arrhythmia) have also been observed. Neurological, psychiatric, hepatic, severe skin disorders, allergic reactions have also been described.

The risk and severity of side-effects may increase with a higher posology (dosage) of hydroxychloroquine.

Healthcare professionals should consult the current Prescribing Information for the most up to date safety information. Patients taking hydroxychloroquine-containing medicines, like any other medicines, should follow the instructions provided by their healthcare professionals.

Patients must not take hydroxychloroquine without medical prescription or advice. They should always consult with their healthcare professionals.

Sanofi also requests that all off-label use with or without adverse reactions is communicated to Sanofi Singapore Pharmacovigilance Department at PV.SIN@sanofi.com or the national spontaneous reporting system.